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Game Development: Transform imagination into reality. Code in C++, C#, Python, using engines like Unity, Unreal. Build immersive experiences, unleash innovation, and power up your passion for gaming. Your journey to crafting digital adventures starts here.

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No unnecessery stuff to learn01

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    Our courses are designed specifically with companies for whose job you will apply.
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    Therefore, we are providing you only necessary knowledge needed for work.
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    Focus on the essentials.
HireClass | No unnecessery stuff to learn

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    Seeing the great potential you have, the whole preparation for job is free of charge.
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    The only thing you need is time and motivation.
HireClass | Powered by companies

You are not alone03

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    Throught the whole process you will have a mentor beside you who will made this journey personalized and easier for you.
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    We are not only educational platform, except mentoring, we offer co-working, practical tasks, evaluation tests and more.
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    Let us connect small steps for your path.
HireClass | You are not alone

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    We team up with companies for everyone who successfully finishes our courses aiming to bring you together.
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    We structure your path and let you know once you are ready.
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    Have in mind - You know what company wants from you.
HireClass | We recommend you to companies

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